Greater Baltimore USBC  Association

Welcome League Secretaries to the brand new bowling season, 2017-2018.  This season brings about a lot of changes, especially for you, but these changes will only make things easier for all of us.  

First and foremost, we are now a merged association.  The men, women and youth are now under one association named the Greater Baltimore USBC Association. For the secretaries, simply put….One stop shopping!   Listed below are some tips that you will need to ensure proper processing of your league.

League Sanction Applications

All  leagues (mixed, men, women) will send one copy of the sanction application to: 

                  Greater Baltimore USBC A
                  P.O. Box 9033
                  Baltimore, MD  21222
                  !!! We are no longer located at the Merritt Boulevard Address!!!!!!!

Separate your membership cards for all of your bowlers into two piles.  One pile for ALL bowlers who are paying their dues thru your league, the other pile for bowlers who are paying in other leagues. You no longer separate men and women.

Include your payment for all bowlers paying.  If you pay using one check for all, you will receive a free standard sanction.

Send your package to the above address within 30 days of the start of your league.

Once we receive it, a roster of your bowlers will be sent to you.  This roster will now include all of your bowlers alphabetically. (men and women both)

New Awards Program
Our awards program has been merged to include men, women and youth.  For the most part it will look familiar but look closely for changes.  There are some awards that are for women and youth only!

House Representatives
There is a GBUSBCA Director assigned to your center.  The GBUSBCA Board of Directors is working hard to insure that they are available to assist you any way they can.  Their name and contact number is in your yearbook as well as on the website.  Your representative should be contacting you in the near future to introduce themselves to you.  Please do not hesitate to contact them.  They are here for you.